By CAPUMON, Feb 3 2016 02:46AM

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Oct 30 2016 12:49AM by Aaimz Tako

I want to vote for the Snorlax hat *plays careless whisper on the Pokéflute*

Jan 8 2017 10:35AM by Jennifer Haida

Would love to see an Alolan Vulpix hat! Or a Rowlet or maybe Mimikyu?

Feb 1 2017 10:33AM by Absolutesandwich

Miltank hat,because Whitney's Rollout wiped us all and it deserves tribute

Feb 28 2017 04:13PM by Joshua Davis

Tyranitar would be awesome. I love the snorlax and mega Charizard x as well.

Apr 4 2017 09:48AM by Yüka

I vote for snorlax ������

Apr 22 2017 07:57AM by Shift

Can I vote for Cubone's dead mom?

May 29 2017 07:19AM by Brandon

Dustox, King of Moths and destroyer of Worlds

Aug 12 2017 06:39AM by Koji Kazamatsuri

Darkrai cause it be perfect for Halloween ��

Nov 18 2017 09:06PM by Adam Sirki

Mudkip would be amazing!!!!!������������������������������

Nov 22 2017 08:04PM by Terry Knight

Hello I'm extremely interested in the mimikyu inspired hat but everytime I look on the website your sold-out do you plan on making more in November or early or mid December? I'm trying to buy one for my friend who loves Pokemon and mimikyu they don't even have this type of hat at the Pokemon 4Ever store. I left a comment on your YouTube channel and I didn't get a response please respond at your earliest convenience thank you.

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